Is that true?

Here’s why we all feel so poor……

If you take a minute to really understand the first graph, the top one with all the yellow - it shows that 80% of the wealth  (defined as cash, stocks, bonds, houses, cars, jewelry) - is in the hands of 20% of the US population. (For another day; how much of that wealth do you think is in the hands of females? Blacks?, Hispanics?)

Where the orange starts on the right of the uppermost graph, is where you see how the remaining 80% of us share the less than 20% of wealth that remains.

Clearly, there is gross inequality in our wealth distribution, and this is a result of policy-making by the wealthy people who run our country.

Fortunately, each of us gets only one vote. It is the only thing that is completely fair, logical and equitable in America. I can guarantee that the people represented by the yellow bar will vote. Will you?

Look at these graphs, for even more clarity on wealth inequality.

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